Don Brimberry
Pottery by Brimberry
About Don Brimberry

Of all the things I wanted to do as a child, the idea of becoming a potter never crossed my mind. In fact, the first time I even saw a potter at work was in college.

Early in college, I was a rather uncommitted art major. I felt limited in talent with two-dimensional art forms. The first time I saw a potter throwing clay on the wheel, I knew I had to try this dynamic art. Once I did, I became captivated. The tactile quality of creating pottery, the spinning mass of clay, enamored me. Creating something extraordinary out of seemingly nothing was magic.

In the middle of my college study, I took a leave from academics to work for a potter near Kansas City. The year-and-a-half experience was a period of tremendous growth for me as an artist.

When I returned to finish a my Bachelor of Fine Arts, I was fully committed to pottery. I graduated in 1977 from Abilene Christian University and promptly moved to Austin, Texas, where I have lived ever since.