Sample of pottery by Don Brimberry
Sample of pottery by Don Brimberry
Sample of pottery by Don Brimberry

Pottery samples / Shipping & delivery

If you order by telephone and have your purchase shipped out of Texas, you will not pay sales tax; however, if you purchase directly from me in person, you will pay sales tax, regardless of how you take delivery of your purchase.

To ship pottery orders, I use Fedex; however, to ship fragile pottery successfully requires attentive care in packing. Consequently, I will personally package each shipment. In addition to the shipping costs charged by Fedex, I will charge $8.00 for each box, to cover my costs in labor and materials.

Usually, I will not be able to deliver your pottery to you personally. However, if you are planning to attend a show where I will be exhibiting my pottery, I will be happy to bring your order for you to pick up at the show. In most cases, I can ship your pottery to you or you can pick up your order directly from me at my studio.

I will hold an order for ninety days from the time I complete an order. If after ninety days from completion, you do not pick up your order or arrange for shipping, you will forfeit the deposit on the order and I will add your order to my inventory available for sale.

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